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19. Nineteen

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

So, as a nineteen year old, being this age has brought along some reflective activity. This reflection being of life and all things amongst it. To put this intimately collected inner-reflection into words, I thought that I would collate the general ideas down to nineteen (see that, nineteen things because I'm currently nineteen years old - genius). Yes, one of those cringe-encouraging lists that you see YouTubers popping out or hipster Pinterest pages - but I'll put the ol' 'Born In 2000' spin on things so don't you worry - you're in for a treat!

1. Do Everything While You Can

Think about it: right now you are the youngest that you will ever be from now on. Do EVERYTHING that you could ever dream of doing while you can because there may be a day when you cannot - you never know.

2. If You Can't Change It, Don't Stress About It And Find Peace Within It

Some things are regularly stressed about yet should not be. This is simply due to the fact that you are unable to do anything about it. Instead of stressing about the inevitable which is an absolute time waster; choose to embrace it and find peace within it. Often this has happened to me if I have been late to something (which is never ideal), but s**t happens, instead of looking at the time on a clock constantly with three second intervals in between, I now meditate this thought that I cannot change the fact that I am late but rather prepare myself otherwise or do something constructive.

3. Try New Things

You never know truely until you try. There are so many beautiful things to experience in the world! Rather than constricting your realm of possibility, try to open it up to new opportunities!

4. Take The Risk, Send The Text!

It may be absolutely daunting but the future is unknowable without taking a chance - just like in Monopoly. With this being said, send that text and ask that person to hang out, no time to be waiting. You gotta risk it for the biscuit!

5. Use Sunscreen!

Vital! Especially here in New Zealand with that ozone layer hole, baby! Protect your skin, man. You may think you're invincible but never underestimate the power of the sun.

6. Moisturise!

I don't think that I can emphasise the importance of this enough - you skin will appreciate it so much in your elder years to come! No one wants to be looking like a scaly ol' snake, am I right people?

7. See The People You Love

Always make time for the people in your life that you love.

8. Don't Spend Time With People That You Don't Want To Spend Time With

Wouldn't you rather be spending your time with the people from number 7?

9. Tell Them That You Love Them!

Trust me, one day you're gonna wish that you told them that more! Tell those people - the ones that you WANT to be spending your time with - that you love them dearly.

10. Don't Let Anxiety Rule Your Decisions!

Personally, I am getting better at it now but in the past, I let so many opportunities slip due to the devil that happens to be: ANXIETY! You never know what opportunity awaits for you until you take it upon yourself to embrace it. Don't let anxiety sway you away from what you really want to be doing!

11. The Feeling After

Think about how good you will feel after making that decision. Go for that run! Eat yourself healthy today! Think about HOW GOOD you will feel after before making decisions. I have an entire blog post written on 'The Feeling After' that I will link down below if you are interested in finding out more.

12. F**k It, Within Reason

If it is not going to cause any harm to you or to anybody else, why not just f**k it and DO IT! Sometimes you gotta just take the jump. *insert YOLO attitude from 2012 here*

13. Be Yourself

I could not possibly exaggerate this one more unless I wrote this all in CAPS LOCK and closed off every sentence with a tonne of exclamation marks!!!! Although it may be cliche, being yourself is the best thing that you could possibly do. Life is too short to be anyone else. Why would one choose to waste their time pretending to be anyone else? The right people will gravitate to you authentically as long as you are staying true to yourself. I learnt the immense importance of this last year aboard, we ain't got no time for any facade baby.

14. Give Yourself A Break!

In regards to the GIF above, this does not necessarily mean you should grow a coat of body fur and have four hands brushing through your gorgeous locks - although that may be interesting. Everyone deserves to treat themselves to recharge and rejuvenate. Be kind to yourself!

15. Don't Take Yourself Or Life Too Seriously

Life can be scarily confronting sometimes, within those times especially it is vital that you remain positive (refer to number 2: If You Can't Change It, Don't Stress About It And Find Peace Within It). Always look on the bright side of life, if you get too wound up in it; it will only create distress of which is not good for anybody!

16. Be One With Nature

My sister calls me a hippie on a regular basis and I can understand why from saying stuff like this. But seriously, nature only does good (not including natural disasters, etc.) and can only do good. Whenever I feel myself indulging in things that simply do not matter, I go for a walk or simply just GO outside. Stop and smell the flowers, my friend!

17. You Control Your Destiny

Ultimately, it's up to you! You are in control of what you do and how you want to live your life. You are writing your destiny everyday within every decision that you make, make ones that you want to be making.

18. The Universe Will Pave Its Way

Things will fall into place as long as you trust them to do so. Even though we all undergo some degree of hardship, things will work in your favour eventually.

19. Be Kind!

Be kind no matter the circumstance! The world already has too many ugly things in it, how about we spread love and kindness?

So, that was my list of nineteen things that I have learnt to live a more fruitful life within the nineteen years that I have under my belt. Let's wait until I turn 20 to see if I create another list! Arohanui my friends!


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