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05. The Feeling After

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

How will I feel afterwards? This question is one that I have recently been asking myself whenever it comes to decision making. One that in fact serves quite the purpose in decision-making. 'The Feeling After', a newly invented concept by oneself that has successfully transformed my process in regards to making decisions.

It has most definitely been a commonly-shared theme within my blog posts that in starting each one, I always have to warn the reader before making any preconceived predicament: "CONTEXT IS COMING!" And it most certainly is.

This 'revelation' struck upon me a few months ago, before my english teaching begun, I had 10 days in Palermo, Buenos Aires by ones solemn self. No strings attached; absolutely nothing that I needed to do. Not a soul I priorly knew was in Buenos Aires. Freedom was planted at my feet. On my first night in my Airbnb, I had this thought of going on a run the next day - starting my day with a run, that sounded quite nice. Alas, I had not gone on a run since intermediate school and going on one to see what my level would be like frightened me. In fact, I encountered a little bit of exposure to my lack of endurance at the beginning of this year when I was still in Christchurch. My grandest friend Niva and I were running (not literally running yet) late to an important event at the Art Gallery. Side note: this event was of Kaspars' Dad's, who was going to be talking the gallery's of his work. The talk was incredibly inspiring and intriguing. Mark Soltero, really well done. Anyway, we were running late and needed to increase our pace, that meant running - about four blocks - to make it in time. Niva is this incredible adventure racer who's fitness is through the roof, I danced and walked a lot but never ran. With my feet covered in the terribly unsuitable footwear of Birkenstocks, away we went on our trepidation. And oh my gosh what an eye opener into the gapping hole of stamina I currently held. Those four blocks made one huff and a puff more than the wolf himself!

Ultimately, these 10 days granted me the opportunity to do something about the matter at hand. I was going to run tomorrow and we were going to see how it would go. So, I found this beautiful park that had this incredible track around it called 'Parque Tres de Febrero'. I will attach a link below if you would like some more information about the park. That first run was quite the shock, one could say. I could hardly run a kilometre without entering the 'huff n puff' danger zone! But once I caught my breath. I felt great afterwards. It made me feel good, an accomplishment in a sense. Going out into the world after going for a run made me feel sensational and I had swings within my steps for the whole day's duration. Now running for me is a part of my routine. Before, the idea itself frightened me.

That started it all - the implantation of this attitude: 'The Feeling After'. 'The Feeling After', an idea where within its name it applies to be taken into account after an action. But here is the trick, you think of it before. Before making a decision, attempt to incorporate the concept of how you will feel after making that decision into the process. I know now how I feel after going on a run, and sometimes I do not want to go on that run but because of the way I will feel afterwards, I will go on that run.

This ideology can almost apply to any situation. Personally, I often apply it into my eating decisions too. Don't we all experience that feeling after eating something incredibly greasy, fatty and sickening and instantly regret consuming it as soon as that last bite leaves your lips - you are left with it settling in your stomach and you know exactly that your body does not appreciate that McFlurry. So, when in choosing what I want to consume I ought to follow this ideology. Of course, I haven't successfully applied it in every situation. But by thinking of this 'Feeling After' it creates habits that over time embed themselves to a routine.

The ideology for me even extends itself into the process of choosing to go out at night or not. If I logically consider whether my wallet can afford doing so, or if I have prior commitments or things to attend to the next then I will ensure that the 'Feeling After' takes the tier icing of the cake. See for yourself what this method could do for you. It has worked for me and I hope that it can do some good for you too.

This blog will encompass the life of a 19-year-old kiwi chica. Composed of stories, advice, life lessons, worldly observations, videos and whatever else Ella's life brings to surface.

For all of this and more, read my new found blog 'Born In 2000': established on the 28th of October, 2019. Where Ella Gibson explores her life that exceeds all limitations. Publications should be expected twice a week. Take this present moment now and rock it!

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