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06. Big Talk Not Small Talk!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

So, there has been quite the political climate here in Argentina. There is this incredible rivalry between the 'Populist Peronism*' government obtained by Alberto Fernandez and then Mauricio Macri's government that has been in power for the last four years - ultimately, being viewed as responsible for Argentina's failing economy. The inflation of the Argentine Peso in December 2019 is predicted to reach 53% with an already dangerous inflation that leaves Argentinians in poverty: prices go up but their salaries do not.

* = Peronism Definition: the policies or principles advocated by the former Argentinian president Juan Perón.

They had their election here last weekend where Alberto Fernandez was elected (an expected result by all Argentinians). Now the Argentine people wait anxiously in anticipation of news of the new politics; politics that have completely divided the country smack bang in the middle. I will link a brilliant article below that explains more in detail the current political situation in Argentina, more specifically the 2019 Argentinian Election.

When the time comes around for the election I am just as a kiddy would be on Christmas Eve, eager as a beaver, wondering what gifts Santa will bring, I am wondering what election result we will encounter. I happen to believe that I am a weirdo in that sense, because getting excited for a presidential election is not exactly the most typical of past-time pleasures. The same feeling goes for me when the Olympics come around every four years, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME'!!!

And then I tried wondering why? Why does Ella Gibson happen to anticipate such events? This wondering process came down to an answer: unity. Unity is the common variable shared between these events. Unity of a country's attention during election time and unity of the world's during Olympic time. There is one topic that I HATE that is an exception to this rule. One topic where everyone in the world, everyday, at every moment of the waking day talks about. It acts as a constant conversational measurement of unity (all of the time): the weather. I do HATE talking about weather! Genuinely, I have had enough. And I think that everyone has.

Everyone has the innate ability to detect what the weather is doing, I am absolutely sure that it is a given between people if it is raining outside or sunny. To have to pretend as if I am interested in someone reiterating that fact to me is something I would rather avoid. But, I understand that sometimes it is the only thing that someone has to talk about, which is disappointing to me. I ask, do people enjoy talking about the weather?

Another grand example of some small talk that especially grinds my gears is quite visible here in Argentina. And it is asking how you are, but literally the prosecutor of that question walks away before you have the chance to answer. SORRY?!?!? Do tell me where your logic lies in asking such a question if you do not care for the answer. Understood that it is etiquette, but at least give one the opportunity to answer your question before you proceed with your life's doings.

Rather than that mentioned above, I am tired of small talk. Is anyone fond of such talk? The most riveting, thrilling, inspiring and worthy talk is never small and this brings me to ask: why do we not make that our always? Find out who strangers actually are rather than mention the weather's mood on this current day. Let's enjoy authenticity, we have the opportunity to interact with each other everyday. Yet, we often elude ourselves away from these possibilities. How about taking upon these opportunities? If we really knew each other, our world would only be happier. We can redefine unity. The weather can take a step aside from being the number one. Ask yourself and others: "who are you and what makes you?" All walks of life lead each other to every interaction, remember, everyone has their own story all ready to tell. Now, I am sure you can't deny the enticing temptation of discovering one's unique story rather than of the weather.

This blog will encompass the life of a 19-year-old kiwi chica. Composed of stories, advice, life lessons, worldly observations, videos and whatever else Ella's life brings to surface.

For all of this and more, read my new found blog 'Born In 2000': established on the 28th of October, 2019. Where Ella Gibson explores her life that exceeds all limitations. Publications should be expected twice a week. Take this present moment now and rock it!

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