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33. Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

You have heard it a million times: everything happens for a reason. Often you hear it again when one is experiencing life's difficult side. Maybe someone tells you this when you have recently broken up with someone. Or maybe you are encountering some financial issues and someone tells that everything happens for a reason so that your faith in the universe is magically restored. If everything happens for a reason, it must mean that that thing happened for the better, right? But can this ideology still be applicable even if something tragic and seemingly inexplicable happens like someone dying or a natural disaster? Even when it seems that there is no reason at all behind that something so tragic happening, does it still eventually happen for a reason. Or do we just tell ourselves that to numb the pain?

The saying everything happens for a reason actually is the modern day version of the old religious saying: It's God will. No matter what the trigger context of these responses - whether it be financial crises or a death - the saying goes on. Consequently, what these two sayings have in common is that without question or evidence of that thing happening, the conclusion arises and is accepted. With that, I do not want to propose my own personal religious beliefs in this article, maybe one in the future, but for now I intend to avoid any possible conflict of interest in that sense. So watch me continue to weasel my way around evading any religious integration. Humans struggle to accept that atrocities can occur purely by chance. Actually, humans HATE things not happening for a reason. Humans LOVE to rationalise everything, even those of great near inexplicable measures. So that can explain why human kind has fostered the everything happening for a reason into every freaking inspirational talk that your ears have unfortunately had to fix themselves upon.

Really, saying that everything happens for a reason is kind of f**king lazy. To proclaim that every heartache, failure and loss happens all because of a predisposed written scripture of the universe is a kind of unsettling thought. In a way, it is kind of like an excuse. It is lazy because you are subconsciously passing on the handling of the consequences of such thing happening for a reason onto something else. Surely more growth would ultimately come from just fully embellishing yourself in the shit at that present moment and feel the way you feel and learn. It's as easy as that; embellish and roll yourself right up in all of that shit.

Something that I can suggest as an alternate road to go down rather than just jumping on board the everything happening for a reason train, is the idea that one should create their own meaning from everything happening instead of searching for the reason of it happening. Be active in everything that happens to you. Waiting around for that reason to reveal itself to you is a lazy road to travel down. Often there is no good reason for something downright shit happening, but consider in the future if you find yourself shifting the responsibility that stems from the shit's consequences, try changing your approach and create some meaning.

Okay so call me 'Ella "has-taken-one-philosophy-paper-at-uni" Gibson' if you really want to, but I will proceed to attempt to philosophically fry your brain in the following paragraph. Although events of pure chance occur without any reason at all because they are accidental, in the end, they have to occur for a reason. In the present time of that event occurring, you will never be able to know exactly what that reason of occurrence is because that's impossible unless you have the ability of seeing into the dreaded future. There has to be a means to every end, you know, because of the ol' cause and effect chestnut. Maybe I have just undermined myself there with two entirely contradicting ideas but let's interpret it as me presenting you, the reader, an objective scope of whether everything happens for a reason. I will let you decide whether in the end if everything happens for a reason. Is it a lazy phrase? Is it just an excuse? Is it God's will or is it the truth; you be the judge.

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