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29. Burnout

Recently, burnout has become quite prevalent in one's life. And I am sure in many others too, maybe even yours?! I mean F**K, this year has not been the smoothest of runs now has it? With the additional announcement yesterday (writing this on the 12/08/2020) in New Zealand of the corona renaissance, life doesn't seem to be dealing out long and wholesome breaths right now.

Burnout is described as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Signs and symptoms of experiencing this burnout are the following: reduce performance (difficulty in concentration and lack of creativity), emotional exhaustion (inability to cope with external stimuli), physical symptoms (headaches and chronic pains) and cynicism towards the work place (the people and work content). So, with this vast array of symptoms, you can assume that burnout can take many forms and affect many aspects of one's wellbeing.

Western culture fosters productivity and often does not prioritise relaxation. Taking time for yourself is something that especially us New Zealanders do not value as much as we should. And that can be harmful when it comes to ensuring a good state of our mental health. If we deem materialistic things like work and assets to be of a happiness-inducing measure - of which they sometimes can be - then we naturally avoid seeking happiness in other places. It can be hard in this technological world today to just sit and be with oneself. We are too accustomed for our sensory stimuli to be constantly filled and never empty. This constant demand for noise makes mental health in New Zealand an urgent and increasingly worsening issue. If we can't be still and not seek constant commotion, mental health and burnout are more prone to happen.

As a uni student, this time period is a difficult one but also damn cool. You are just approaching so many new opportunities and communities with a sudden expansion of social circles. It makes for a paradox of maximum freedom and little responsibility (respectively so). But also, you really find out through what you study and people that you associate yourself with a lot more about yourself. All things are a go: work, university, friends, family, events, relationships - EVERYTHING is steaming with full steam ahead. This is great, but wanting to excel at everything at once creates strains in each field. Burnout for university students is therefore common.

Above is the classic university triangle. Choose two, they say, because having all three in check is virtually impossible!

It can become very overwhelming very quick and nipping it in the bud before it becomes too much is what one should be wary of. If you think you're experiencing burnout, here are some solutions or ways to deal with burnout. Firstly, reach out to those closest to you. You will be surprised at how different perspectives can shed light on something that you did not see before. Also, attempt to limit your contact with negative people. When you're in a slump, man you don't need help getting any slumpier ('slumpier' should be added to the Oxford English Dictionary). Know that change is a constant and inevitable. This means that people and things in your life right now may not be as prevalent as they are now. Think of your life as an ever-changing vessel rather than a permanent state. New people and opportunities will come into your life, you can seek those ventures for yourself too.

Personally, you should set boundaries for yourself. Burnout often occurs by boundaries not being set. If you create some then you can detect when your boundaries have been overstepped. Take breaks from technology, seeing all of the things that you are currently not doing is not going to aid your situation. Cultivate your creativity, that outlet is one not taken advantage of enough and can soothe the soul. Most importantly though, prioritise relaxation and sleep. If you can be fully rejuvenated to reset your life, the sailing will be so much smoother. Get don't burnt out baby, nip it in the bud and take time for yourself.

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