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23. The Coronavirus Collection #03

To how times have changed! Quarantine almost feels normal now? A thought that scares me tremendously yet is simultaneously humbling as it marks a communal, national and international accomplishment. Ultimately, it only took a global pandemic to unite everyone through this bizarre form of interconnectivity.

My view of this pandemic is polarised; it comes from a place of immense privilege (regretfully admitted, not trying to sound pretentious nor condescending but it is only the truth). Fortunately, I have not first-handedly had to experience the grief that this pandemic has induced. Thousands have suffered greatly and it deeply saddens me and the entire world to comprehend the pain of those whom have had to experience this. Rather, this quarantine period has proposed a grand reflection; personally and beyond. So in this blog post, I aim to personally recall what this time has aided me in and the revelations that it has brought to surface.

Let me primarily begin with the personal side of things. The main gift that this quarantine period has given me has to be clarity and the time to clarify. Clarity in what I love to do, genuine life desires and clarity on myself. Let's proceed with that first idea of clarity in what i love to do. Yesterday I had to give my car's battery a whirl as these cooler-temperated times require mobility so I made sure that it was still alive and well. Moreover, I needed to increase the size of the pantry's contents. 2 in 1, we love a bargain! Off I went to Wigram New World to gather the goods - how freaking good it felt to be behind the wheel again. I have always loved driving because of the way it feels, how you and this mechanical vessel are in charge of the destination. The epitome of freedom, especially when you do not have a time schedule to stick to, which makes driving in the quarantine period the absolute queen of epitomising freedom.

I put on exercise gear before leaving the flat which acted as a reminder to do exercise - clever Ella! So once the groceries were attained it was time to get physical. Physical activity during quarantine has involved running, yoga and Alexis Ren's famous ab and butt workouts. But one thing I hadn't been able to attain so far was going for a moderate hike. It was at this point that Ella came to the revelation that she (apologies if you are not a fan of the ol' third person referencing) had missed hiking so dearly, and while situated near the Halswell Quarry Park it became clear that that was where she was destined to go on that fine Friday afternoon. Whenever I endure any intense negative feeling that I need to rid of, the immersion of oneself in nature always would achieve this elimination. I think because of its infinite unspoken presence, it is able to eradicate negativity. As soon as I go on a hike or anything of like, my negative emotions would slowly dwindle into the natures' abyss. Without fail, nature continuously grounds my mind. Yesterday, it did that again; by reassuring me that it was going to be okay. Although life's circumstances have drastically changed, the leaves that had fallen through the park's floor had remained the same. The journey emphasised my love for nature and the immersion in it. Here below are some pictures that I took of yesterday's adventure:

Once cool, calm and collected from the crisp quarry air, another revelation occurred: I was only minutes away from my family's house, why not go? Now let me mention here that of course when I refer to 'visiting my family' I am solely alluding to parking my car outside of the house and rolling down my window to rally their attention and give them a big old wave. When I rolled up outside the house, my sister ran outside followed by the mother and father. It was great to see them in the flesh. I was even gifted with a bag full of feijoas - score! Although technology permits connection (and thank the Lord for its existence right now), it is incomparable to the real thing: seeing people without the obstacle of a screen. It made me super happy to just see them. Whether or not Jacinda had mentioned that this was particularly okay, the 2 metre distance was still considered and respected. The universe had devised this pathway for me and ending on the family finale truly made its case: everything was going to be okay.

Another point of clarification gathered from this peculiar time has had to be the revelation of my desire to write as a career endeavour. Prose mainly, but I would love to start a career in journalism. The dream would be to write for the NZ Herald or in another prestigious place. Who knows? One can only dream, really. Writing this little blog anyway is a starting point and it has made me fall in love with the premise. But if I pursue this, it means I will have to reassess what I am studying. So that is something to consider very seriously, very soon!

In regards to worldly revelations, they could more appropriately be described as 'observations' with additionally made conclusions. The restoration of humanity has been the main take away (McDonalds normally taking first place ;)) from this time. Whenever crossing paths with strangers outside, little interactions instantly become a whole lot more wholesome. Smiles are mutually exchanged with the shared knowledge of participation in this lockdown. A simple commonly shared sympathy between each other within those seconds of smiling, grants instant connection with someone that you have never seen nor known before in your life - that is pretty powerful. *Siri, please play: 'We're All In This Together' by the High School Musical Cast.* Rather obvious revelation, but it makes this time bearable when you are reminded about the premise of being human. The restoration in humanity and kindness continue to thrive.

That brings The Coronavirus Collection to a close. A trifecta of posts is quite clean and well-rounded in my eyes so I thought that adequately it would be rude to go beyond that. I believe that this will be the last dedicated post to the virus and the surrounding issues encompassed by it. Future content is to return to regular topics. If you are interested in anything specifically, be sure to get in contact with me (further details down below). For now, stay at home, wash your damn hands and call up your loved ones! Kia haha team, sending virtual hugs your way.

Image by: Washington Post illustration; photos by iStock and Getty Images.

If you have any further questions based on this blog post or anything else in regards to this blog or personal queries, be sure to get in contact with me through this website or through the blog's instagram.


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