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22. The Coronavirus Collection #02

As expected, the novelty of this self isolation is definitely wearing off. A species designed to thrive on human interaction has been greatly restricted significantly from doing so. This isn't me complaining just yet as I know it is the right thing to do - more like a free expression of frustration (what a word weasel I am).

Yesterday, I went for a walk to my friends' flat - don't freak out - a walk to the OUTSIDE of my friends' flat, I have not breached the systematic code yet! It was so bizarre to talk to my best friend with a 2 metre distance in between us. Like WHAT? What on this earth, man?!? And the unorthodox cue to get into a New World resembled the like of an airport terminal line. But that is what needs to be done despite its absurdity. Our government has taken an impressive approach to enact this scheme. Jacinda has directed our nation with the upmost sophistication as if she has had to deal with global pandemics, terrorist attacks and volcanic eruptions all her life - what a marvel! It just makes me appreciate the value of being raised and living in New Zealand. Just by pure chance, my life's spectacle has occurred upon the rich soil that is of Aotearoa. Even beginning to comprehend the extent of opportunity and security I have received here is outstanding as it all came down to pure chance that on the 15th of September I popped out of my mother's whom in Christchurch, New Zealand! If that event transpired in Syria for instance, this critical time of Coronavirus would be quite the different story.

A nation amidst a civil war, a failed state of the Middle East threatened by limited resources including the vital medical infrastructure and within its rebel states, essential facilities have come under direct attack by the regime and Russian allies; Syria is facing an unprecedented multitude of challenges. I would most definitely not be sitting so calmly right now within the realm of my flat, subliminally flicking through Netflix's recommended. Rather, I would be literally fighting for my life. For the developed world to be struggling economically, medically and socially only poses the question: how on EARTH are they coping or going to cope?

It would be incredible to offer a solution to this, an easy fix to these problems that these nations face today - but who would I be to do that? Besides, I'm just a 19 year old chica, tip-typing on the keys of my laptop. Frankly, I have no clue. Often with no answer, one can naturally feel rather helpless when faced with problems of the such. However, as a New Zealander, I do know that it is my duty to stay home and care for the nation that I have been so lucky to be raised in. To do what is requested of me now may not be ideal (actually not ideal in the slightest respect), but if you look at it in the right light you may see that staying comfortably home right now is an honour. By pure luck and that alone, I acquire the privilege of safety and security that others could never imagine.

Day 9 of self isolation today, and my sanity level is not at an all-time high. Example: I thought because my flatmate's door was closed it had to mean that she had contracted COVID-19 and was unresponsive, when in reality she was at work. I'll tell you one thing that contrasts my all-time low of sanity; my all-time high in the ability of constructing conspiracies! Fantastic - just what the doctor ordered: a lunatic in need of an asylum, immediately! Although this time has brought along many unwanted ideals, there must be some good out of this all, right?

Once this all boils over, my gratitude for all things that I have not been able to access will be through the freaking roof - I can tell you that, FOR SURE! The people, the places and the experiences - all artefacts in which were once taken granted, never again. In the wise words of Joni Mitchell in her hit of Big Yellow Taxi: "you don't know what you've got till it's gone." She knew what she was singing about, for sure! Coronavirus has at least done some good (said no one) and I hope that it continues to foster this felt sense of community. In these times where we cannot physically be with one another, it is vital that we stay connected. That does not prove any difficulty in regards to the existence of the internet and technology. But may I never stress this enough in preaching its importance: connectivity! Call up your loved ones, stay at home and wash your hands, my friends! We are and will continue to get through this. Kia Kaha team.

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