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20. Carpe Diem

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

10:27pm on the 20/02/2020 has stricken up quite the epiphany. An existential crisis if you will! Something that I thought better be broadcasted while I have this blog; a literal place to do so dedicated to writing about these sorts of occasions.

'Carpe Diem' or 'Seize The Day' if you view the Latin language solely through its extinct entity, speaks of this moment and this present moment only; to make the most of this moment. As this present moment happens to be the only one that you have the total capacity to control. It has always been one of those lingering quotes that we have all been submitted to hearing a million times within assemblies, prize-givings and a multitude of speeches. Yet, have those three words ever fully transcended their importance to you? All I know is that for me - until today - they had never done so before.

The start of university sneaked up onto me this week and has quickly become my present task at hand. Let me lay out for you Ella's Daily Routine (since the commencement of university): wake up, drive to uni, walk into uni, attend classes at uni, walk back from uni, drive home from uni, study for uni and then dream the manifested thought of the looming uni-filled day that lies ahead, ready to be sweetly repeated again and again. Uni-fied, uni-filled and my current UNIverse. I love it and have been fully embodying the experience (if that was not already clear in regards to the excessive listing above)! Particularly, I have been loving one course - philosophy!

Now, I am a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in psychology and Spanish and minoring in German and philosophy. Initially, I took philosophy kind of to fill in a blank slot. The subject was always of a mere interest to me but I never really viewed it as an academic endeavour. Well, I have been to 2 lectures and now I have this undeniable intoxication towards it. The 'Oxford English Dictionary' defines it as 'the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline', one could say that thought-provoking is quite the understatement! In today's lecture we (hardly plural, the lecturer weaves through these lone mystical tangents of thought that us, first years, listen in awe of) discussed the question of: what matters? As simple as it may first appear to be, just like ogres - as Shrek would say - "it has layers!" The answer is more complex than you could ever imagine as no singular correct answer exists.

By bringing it back to the idea of 'seizing the day', the lecturer followed to talk about how this moment can be the only moment to matter as it is this sole present moment that you can control - unlike anything else. Looking directly from my hand-scribbled notes during this lecture, I have literally written: "seize the f**king day, brother. Carpe flipping diem." Of which I hate to admitting that I actually wrote down as a lecture note! Simple logic, yet when explored becomes complex but once understood it can never be looked past.

Later on in the evening came this utterly bewildering and coincidental conversation that ultimately influenced this blog post! Basically, my mate and I ended up talking of this crazy experience that occurred to him over the weekend that just past, in which he virtually had a crazy drug experience. By the way, full consent has been given to me to write about this, just no names and all that jazz - we keep it confidential around here! Anyway, this experience sparked a total physical, mental and emotional relevation that could even be spoken of in regards to a spiritual awakening. The conclusion of the venture being that my mate never plans to touch another drug again. Rather than this frightening experience being seen as just that; a frightening experience, he has changed his means and mode of life. An opportunity that has planted that golden seed to reflect, evaluate and grow. What does not (nearly) kill you makes you stronger - I am so so proud! Then he granted me with the presence of this chestnut: "we have been given one body and one life on this glorious wee f**king gem of a planet and man we need to make the most of it!" What a wise old owl he happens to be. If I am not mistaken, would that not happen to relate back to that exact analogy that the lecturer was on about today? Coincidence? I think the freak not!

On the 20/02/2020 (the satisfaction of typing out that date), the universe has taught me to absolutely 'seize the day'! The stars aligned to implement this as a new reality. By golly, you would be an absolute nutter not to do so after listening to those experiences mentioned above. The throttling desire for me to share this on the blog was undeniable. In an act of attempting to seize my days, I hope that you do too. You never know what the future holds and that makes for inevitable uncertainty. Not to be morbid or anything but I could easily die or be killed, there could be an apocalyptic epidemic tomorrow that wipes half of the population, I could loose a family member or best friend unexpectedly - these hypothetical scenarios emphasise this inevitable uncertainty. Whilst we have no way of seeing the near events of the future, how about we take advantage of the vision of now. Seize it and never let it go. My mate was the one to actually enforce the taking of action towards the ultimate creation of this blog post - thank you brother! Know your value in this life and seize its worth.

One more thing: carpe flipping diem!

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