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16. The Abandoned Blog

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Quite fittingly, I think this title is the first of many where it does not need to be explained due to its specificity. Simple and straight to the point - it is quite nice like that sometimes and makes life easier. But yes, back to the point, my blog has more or less recently been abandoned. And to the fault of my very own...

I did promise readers two blog posts a week and that has most definitely NOT happened and so I want to apologise for not adhering to my own self inflicted prophecy. It has been over two weeks since I published something on this blog which is quite the impressive dry spell if you were to ask me. I could blame the lack of content on a number of reasons. Some of those being: writer's block, personal conflicts, lack of time, other focuses and so on. Really though, I could have made that time and also could have forced-strung out some creative force. However, every writing idea I had did not sit well and did not give me the motivation to want to write, therefore I didn't. Gosh, once I had this ghastly idea to write a blog post called 'Thanks For The Memories' (dedicated to the legendary emo band 'Fall Out Boy', I kid but just imagine), where I would appeal to my quarter-life crisis of growing up and becoming an adult, but that did not sit well and felt too pretentious to write about for some reason. It was always on my mind to write, but the content was not there. A drought of creativity we could call it.

One of the other things that has occurred is a general shift of attention onto other things such as university, personal conflicts, job opportunities and physically being in other places. On the bright side (or on the blog side if you're feeling cheeky), I have not been completely lacking in creative content and I hope to soon publish a video on YouTube accompanied by a song that I wrote, so that is at least something! Being back home in New Zealand has required a burst of that previous 'dream-bubble' to pop me back into that well-loved realm of reality. You're not in Buenos Aires anymore, Ella! That transition has been challenging but I am discovering gradually that being in New Zealand for now is where I need to be - thank God! To commence university and grow here makes sense and feels right.

Another challenge has to be wanting to do all of these things here that cost money - MIND BLOWING - the concept of money! After a year of volunteer work without gathering an income myself, has definitely left me in the state of needing a job rather urgently. Collecting sums from parents does not act as a natural tendency as a 19 year old New Zealander. You have that innate desire to be self-sufficient and that is a cultural thing I realised aboard, too. I ended up attaining a job now that will fill in my schedule quite nicely until university starts which is when things will get a bit more complicated due to time. Plus, there are some new-founded opportunities to teach Spanish and do some piano teaching relief work - big thumbs up! Once we get on a roll with that I will feel a lot more comfortable.

This blog post is more or less a life update and explanation rather than being written on a specific topic. It serves as an apology, too. So, I'm sorry for not maintaining the content on this blog. But actually, I'm not sorry at the same time (sorry not sorry) because I had to dedicate time to other activities for a while to keep the train chugging or the wheel rolling - who knows what metaphor I want to use these days! But thank you for reading this now as it means you have not lost faith.

What I want to know is what you think and want to hear! If you have any suggestions or topics that you would want to hear my opinion upon, please let me know! I see it with great importance to be aware of what you guys are thinking, so you do need to inform me - I will appreciate that very much. For the time being anyway, I send you the best vibes and big aroha. You are awesome and can do anything that you put your mind too. The sky is the limit, baby! It is 2020!

If you have any further questions based on this blog post or anything else in regards to this blog or personal queries, be sure to get in contact with me through this website or through the blog's instagram.


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