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15. 2020

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

How good does that sound? 2020: to write, to read and to say - it is incredibly dynamic in itself and so effective. This is definitely all based on subconscious prejudices of mine - ultimately desiring an aesthetic-based outlook on everything and avoiding all sense of disorder. But I can't be the only one, I think I speak for all upon this matter.

In my year 10 math class (I would have been 14 turning 15 in that year, this is the second year of high school in New Zealand), there was this lesson taught that I will never seize to forget and that happens prove this innate desire we all have to attain order in attempt of avoiding disorder. Our teacher was teaching statistical techniques; focusing specifically on probability and chance. He said to divide ourselves into groups of 4 and within those groups of 4 each person needs a piece of A4 paper in front of them. From there, each person with their own piece of A4 paper needs to draw 10 dots randomly placed and distributed on that piece of paper. Once completed, each group has to collectively decide who has the piece of paper that now looks to most 'random'. That chosen tribute (I sound like I am referring to 'The Hunger Games', but thank God I am not), must go to the front of the class and face their paper to the class. So there must have been about 7 people standing at the front of the class, I was one of them.

We were all internally thinking: "Cool, I have the most random piece of paper! How special and quirky am I!" But really, all 7 of us had pieces of paper that virtually looked identical. They were pieces of paper with 10 dots drawn on them with an even distribution in between each one (roughly). None of them were linear - they were considered 'messy' - but it was more of an 'organized chaos'. That same term happens to be the one that I use most regularly when describing the state of my bedroom! But the point of doing this activity was to show that what we may consider 'random distribution and assortment', may 'appear' to be random but is actually not random at all. We all naturally desire order in our lives and apparently in 10 dots drawn on an A4 piece of paper. That is my theory as to why 2020 feels so good - it creates natural order.

2020 feels 'new age' and that wave of 'new' that it brings entices many. And it is weird to think about, really. Because the concept of time happens to be a rule that we all adhere to that fulfils our orderly needs. This definitely depends on whether you believe that Jesus died 2020 years ago, but due (or not due) to that, we were required to make a system to organise and collect historical data. This time system perfectly fits every sense of desired order. It is a readily functioning system. Yet, today could be tomorrow just as easily as yesterday could be today when you think about it. Say if somebody hypothetically switched events of a regular work day, you would not notice the hypothetical difference. All this existential gobble could be debated, but for all I know (an amount of knowledge easily debated too) it makes sense. My ultimate point in all of this being that the 31st of December 2019 and the 1st of January 2020 were not too different because they were both 'days': the sun rose, set and went on. But it was what we made of them. By giving those days titles and purpose is what made them influential. The more I write on this matter the more I realise how wrong scientifically I could be in saying this. Due to the fact that it takes 365.25 days for the earth to orbit around the sun's perimeter, so on and so worth, making my writing nothing but possible balderdash. But I am sure that you can understand my point (hopefully).

Moving on from that psycho-babble, 2020 should be an exciting year. Unfortunately starting off with the devastating reality that is of the Australian Wildfires. Wildfires that have destroyed species, homes and families. It makes it very difficult to comprehend the extent of its damage and effect. Whenever an event of this such occurs where you experience the immobile pain of not being able to physically do anything, it leaves an unsettling feeling that lingers and churns in your mind. To sway that feeling into an abyss (a little, anyway), I will attach links below where you can donate money in order to help the services that are right at the front lines amongst the horrendous scenes in Australia. Although some cannot physically be there in aid, we can help as much as possible. If this is not a wake up call, then what is?

2020 is bringing some riveting content ahead: NZ Political Election, US Political Election, NZ Referendums on Marijuana's Legalisation and Abortion, Tokyo Olympics and my first year of university! Genuinely, I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. Revolutionary times are upon us people! History is in the making! This brings me to wishing everyone the best year that could possibly be brought to you. You can make 2020 yours by striding into it prepared to achieve your dreams, giving it your all and leaving with no regrets because the time is now (or maybe it is not according to paragraphs above)! 2020 will only happen once, so make it yours today. Within your one life here on earth (reincarnation believers, just imagine I said 'within THIS life'), make sure you do everything you possibly can. Live each present day in love. Also, be sure to tell your friends and family you love them too. Happy 2020 everybody! And absolutely get ready for great upcoming content here on 'Born In 2000'. Requests for ideas are welcome!

If you have any further questions based on this blog post or anything else in regards to this blog or personal queries, be sure to get in contact with me through this website or through the blog's instagram.


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