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13. Goodbyes

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

As I sit here waiting for my flight back to New Zealand in the Argentinian Airport Terminal of Buenos Aires, I have been weeping after a terribly dramatic yet sincere farewell to my Argentinian family and Maia. Ironically, a New Zealander (me) is sitting right now within a restaurant called 'Outback: Australian Steakhouse' which as a now vegan chica finds rather hysterical. My roasted veggie sandwich is on her sweet way though!

The formal definition of 'see you later' literally means 'said when parting from someone' but rather suggesting that you will see that person or thing again in the future, the meeting will be at an unknown time - not organised or defined. That is what I am doing, parting from people, a country and an era. And with the intention of returning in the future. However, for now I know that I need to be in New Zealand, reserving the next four years to complete my studies at university then wanting to set up my own business afterwards. When will I be able to return? I don't know actually. When one has the money, catch me in the air.

Because of the decent quantity of time spent here, a life for me in Argentina has naturally formed. You grow community as you meet people and gather more experiences - the place soon becomes a home rather than a tourist destination. Saying a goodbye to a home rather than a sole place that you have a genuine connection with is a strenuous activity. I can say goodbye to most places easy, but only have I experienced difficulties in farewelling New Zealand and Argentina.

A wise man by the name of Mahatma Gandhi (don't know if you know him or not) once said: 'There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.' Now, he is quite wise now wouldn't you happen to agree? Definitely displays a somewhat sense of wisdom. This specific piece of advice given by the one and only Gandhi speaks universally. Everyone (if not everyone, at least the majority, *hyperbole for dramatic effect) experiences the process of saying a goodbye each day. From travelling from place to the other - from work to home for example - a goodbye, no matter the sheer scale will occur each and every day. You could say that we are accustomed to these. Others goodbyes happen to be harder than some. Saying to goodbye to a person within your life is overwhelming more difficult than saying goodbye to that piece of chocolate that you will proceed to put in your mouth. That goodbye is more of a 'hello tastebuds' if you ask me. The same concept yet the content differs dramatically.

In the case of farewelling countries, its magnitude is palpably big. The country remains in place, but physically being there within its culture feels excruciatingly distant once away from it and immersed in another: the country itself, accompanied by its people, culture, food and every other detail. We are so fortunate that with our society's technological development that we have today connects us 'virtually' to those places. In attempt to close the physical gap between people and places, you are unable to deny the difference between being with someone in person compared to only being with their image on a screen. Evidently so.

Within that hardship that distance creates, builds the attraction of travelling (in my opinion). Does it not, though? That notion of a 'get-away', that 'paradise' away from your own home sparks joy, does it not? At least it sparks wanderlust and the desire to get away. What from? Everything, essentially. That is why travelling is one of the best things life gifts us, the opportunity to explore where concrete limitations always are exceeded.

But coming back home has been a shock in a way. To have my New Zealand life put on a pause as I left, ultimately to return to play it just as it was before expect now I am different - that's some metaphor brainfood for sure. Let's see how this picks up just as I left off. I will be keeping y'all informed. One of the most brilliant authors (in my opinion) Paulo Coelho talks of this wonderfully: "If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello." Vamos a ver.


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