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09. Playlist Of My Life

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

There is this YouTube series on Seventeen's (the teen magazine) YouTube channel called the 'Playlist of my Life'. They bring celebrities on the series and the celebrity will create their own list of 10 songs that is titled: 'Playlist of their Life'. Being the plagiarised (only this once, of course) musical queen that I am, I thought that writing a blog of my own would be an appropriate post. Music is a huge part of my life, and for my first musical post I might as well write about the music that has shaped the person that I am (so far). It would be quite the cutie idea as well if I told y'all the story behind each one as well. So let's get this started, ladies and gentleman. Side note: I would definitely recommend that you listen to each number while you read to know what type of gobble I'm going on about. Happy reading and listening.

01. Still Feel Like Your Man by John Mayer. I'm not kidding you guys, this song is the grooviest slow jam that will ever hit your soul. This entire list is in no particular order (just like the X Factor elimination rounds) but this song naturally being selected as number one by some behind the scenes bias for sure could take Ella's cake. John achieves a perfect blend of soul, jazz and funk in this bop. It starts with this high yet low-key piano introduction that submits your ears into a transcendental realm, with John's subtle vocals caressing them softly. Honestly, you know you are in for a brilliant time. Then the bass line hops on the party bus and absolutely steals the show alongside John's guitar riff that swirls you further into a trance. His lyrics really make a chica wanna fall in love. I think the ideology of his to romantically plant a love song so conversationally works magic in my heart. Mayer accesses heart strings like no other. I discovered this tune last year, my last high school year and it gave me this innate feeling and motivation to find love. Not that you can force such a thing, I'll leave God to do that. But, I made myself more open to the possibility. Then the chorus truely blows one's socks right off. You have to listen to it for yourself, really. I can promise you that you will probably hear that exact same line with every song I mention here.

Song Link:

02. Blackbird by Fat Freddy's Drop. Wow. Now if you want to listen to what New Zealand sounds like to me, the definition lies within this song. This 9 minute and 27 second-long track will never be skipped by oneself. There was this one particular occasion where this song aided my mind's mentality so much so that it stopped me from having an actual panic attack. When I was boarding my plane on March 6th by myself from Christchurch to Auckland to led to Buenos Aires, Argentina I was in complete hysterics. I had not before contemplated the reality of saying good bye to my family and friends for 9 months yet and it hit me like that. All at once. My hands started to shake as I entered the plane: "Boarding pass, please!" he said. That boarding pass meant so much more, passing onto that next stage. It was all too much that I entered the plane in absolute hysterics on the verge of a panic attack. The Air New Zealand Hostess was so astonished that she dropped her 'Air Hostess Act Smile' for one second to genuinely ask if I was okay - clearly not - but needed to find some sense of tranquility, IMMEDIATELY. What I did, you'll never guess, I put my headphones in and popped 'Blackbird' on. The one minute acid-trip of an entry into this hippie infused wonderland of New Zealand's reggae and jazz scene instantly calmed my breathing. Then moving onwards to the incredible riff that is of the piano. Four chords, that was all that it took to sooth and reset my focus. Brought back in by the drums, vocals and guitar - you will be completely immersed. This song will never be skipped, despite it being nearly 10 minutes long.

Song Link:

03. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. Now, this is one for the history books. There is nothing that Ella Gibson loves more than early Maroon 5. You give me their album 'Songs About Jane' (their first studio album) and we are good to go. Don't tell me that your soul doesn't smile when you listen to: 'This Love', 'Sunday Morning' and 'She Will Be Loved'. But 'She Will Be Loved' does something else. The lyrics, the emotion and the fight for love intertwined into the heart of this song fuse collectively to create this magical muse of music. Musically speaking, the verse interchanges between solely two chords, with the chorus only adding one extra cheeky 'C'. Therefore, it is not exactly Beethoven's Sonata that we are talking about here. But Adam Levine captures the essence of this unconditional love that wins no matter what obstacle it faces. Last year, when I was a 'beauty queen of only 18' who 'had some trouble' with self-acceptance, this song especially hit hard. But it always has, ever since it came out in 2002, I was affected by its greatness even when I had 2 years of old. Bit of an exaggeration, but I always remember it being there. Practically I was belting it out at kindergarten, really. Nevertheless, 'She Will Be Loved' represents this inescapable desire of a movie-like love or relationship to me. Something that I hope will be in my near future. And if not, I will listen to this song to preserve that hypothetical reality.

Song Link:

04. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. This is the anthem for those days enriched in pre-teen angst. It is the epitome of this 'me against the world' attitude. When in the first years of my high schooling, I did nothing but listen to this song on repeat. Its mystical lyrics combined with the instruments' strength in song make any teen wanna experience wanderlust and nothing more. You will be singing to your imaginary love, sharing a sweater together and waving your hand out of the window on a road trip to nowhere. That is how it makes me feel: very cosy.

Song Link:

05. Karma Chameleon by Culture Club. I must of had around five or six years of age and Singstar had just came out. My dad and I lined up in the Warehouse Barrington waiting to get our hands on Singstar 80s (no debates, it was going to be the 80s). Dad thought that the most quintessential education for me was to scrub up on my knowledge of 80s music. Flicking through the songs, there was: 'Walking on Sunshine', 'Material Girl', 'It's Tricky', 'Eye of the Tiger', 'Come On Eileen' - the list could go on. But, boy oh boy did I not have a clue of what clicking on 'Karma Chameleon' by the Culture Club would do to my ears. They were instantly transfixed - hook, line and sinker. My dad had succeeded! Now, about 15 years later from hearing the song for the first time, I know the song from back to front, left to right and top to bottom. Even though I was not actually alive when this song was in its full swing, it enables me to be transported there: sitting right by Boy George and his colourful dreadlocks. It makes me think of my dad too, and I miss him a lot but will return to NZ and see him very soon. 'Karma Chameleon' may come and go, but my love for the song will always stay.

Song Link:

Choosing 5 songs as the 'Playlist of my Life' was a difficult task as music means so much to me. And looking at all 5 collated together does not give a clear indication at all of what my music taste is. Because there is not one clear factor shared in-between each song. Music just needs to touch me (metaphorically, of course) in a way that makes me feel. That is what these songs do to me. Share with me your songs that are listed in the 'Playlist of your Life' and how they came to be of their personal importance to you - I would love that a lot. There is this one quote said by Jean Sibelius who was a Finnish composer that I utterly adore, he said: "Music begins where the possibilities of language end." Now, if that Finnish composer didn't speak some truth.


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